List of Tasks and Activities

In each section of the course, you will create an activity using one or more of the various tools discussed. Along with it, ,you will write up the assignment to accompany it. Note that in most cases you will need to create an account on the website. These are free, though some may have premium levels of functionality if you choose to use them.

In each case, you should work through the readings and materials in the section beforehand. In order for us to give you feedback, please place links to the activity in your Developer's Notebook along wth the assignment writeup.


Create a Lingt assignment - using, relating it to a specific curricular unit, then write up the assignment for your students.


Create a Voicethread assignment - using - relating it to a specific curricular unit, then write up the assignment for your students.


Use one of the online tools to create an audio recording. Decide how you are going to present it to students. Include some manner or method to assess whether students understand, then write up the assignment.


Use the Chrome extension or bookmarklet to annotate a page for your students to read. Write the assignment, including the link and any comprehension questions.


Use to upload a text. Annotate it and write up the assignment, including the link and any comprehension questions.


Choose one of the writing platforms, then craft a written assignment that focuses on some particular unit or lesson element. Make it clear how students will hand in the assignment.


Write up an assignment based on a unit, and with a specific focus, for students to discuss via Gmail chat or WeChat. Assuming they already have the necessary accounts, give clear instructions as to how they will carry out the assignment. Decide how you will assess their mastery of the focus, then write that up as well.


Create a set in Quizlet of at least 5 items, then choose one of the Quizlet activities and write an assignment utilizing it. Determine how you will verify/assess whether students did it (or needed/didn't need to).


Create an assessment using Voicethread. Create a new Voicethread and build the instructions into the Voicethread itself.

Authentic Materials

Find some relevant authentic material for use with a specific unit, then write an assignment that has students interact with the material in a meaningful way and demonstrate their understanding.


We suggest you take the time to start a collection of authentic materials. This is best done on some website that you own, or Google Docs. Set up a folder or page for each unit, then add any authentic materials you can find that are related to the unit and may be of use.


Use Audacity (or another tool if you prefer) to create an original audio file to use with a particular unit. Prepare the activity and/or comprehension element as well.


Choose an existing video - created by you or not - and use Playposit or EdPuzzle or Wizer to create an interactive assignment related to a particular unit. Write up the assignment.