Practical Application Tasks

In each unit of this course, there are practical tasks to complete - the idea being that users will only truly learn how to use something by actually using it. Working through the course without doing these will yield considerably less meaningful results.


  • Create a wiki with several pages and menuing.


  • Create labels, filters
  • Set a custom signature on your Google Gmail account
  • Set your default email text properties


  • Create a Google Slides presentation
  • Embed it in your wiki.

Document Creation

  • Create a nicely formatted document in Word
  • Turn it into a PDF file
  • Upload the PDF onto your wiki
  • Email the PDF file to someone

Online Resources

  • Find resources
  • Place links to them on your wiki
  • Create a Netvibes RSS Feed reader


  • Create a Diigo account
  • Create a group
  • Add one of the extensions to your browser
  • Curate some resources there

Collaborative Tools

  • Create a set of class folders in your Google Drive
  • Add a file to one
  • Share it
  • Create a Padlet account
  • Create a new wall
  • Embed the wall in your wiki
  • Create an Evernote account
  • Create a note
  • Upload an image and a document to it

Forms & Surveys

  • Create a form
  • Embed it in your wiki
  • Post a link to the live form there as well

Audio & Video

  • Create a Voicethread account
  • Create a new Voicethread
  • Download and install Audacity
  • Create a practice recording
  • Create a Knovio account
  • Create a presentation
  • Embed in in your wiki
  • Record yourself using Google Hangouts and save to your Youtube account
  • Embed a video in your wiki

Images & Infographics

  • Create a Pixlr account
  • Edit an image
  • Save and download the image
  • Add it to your wiki
  • Create a new image (after resizing the first)
  • Create an account
  • Build an infographic
  • Embed it in your wiki


  • Create and maintain a developer's notebook


  • Create a Weebly account
  • Start to build a portfolio there


  • Create a Twitter account
  • Create a Google+ account
  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Start to build your PLN